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Report Builder with Delphi and RemObjects DataAbstract

I have begun using Report Builder, converting from Crystal Reports. Over the years, I have felt the support from Crystal Reports for Delphi developers as fallen by the wayside. I began looking for an alternative. Report Builder while is some ways being very different is in may ways similar, only far more flexible. With the product being written in Delphi makes it 100% better to integrate into a Delphi application, without a messyrun-time.

In order to have separate report files I needed..

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Backdating on Terminal Server Modification Finished

A couple of days ago I talked about the issue of individual users needing to be able to backdating the “system” date when raising transactions for example at the beginning of the month to finalise the end of the previous

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Internal Operating System Error

In the course of the day yesterday I was resquested by the customer to create a little quick and dirty report from a paradox database via csv for import into a spreadsheet. Has a problem though with “Internal Operating System Error” it then mentioned a particular table involved in the query. What is interesting with this client..

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RemOmbjects DataAbstract

Today I have started using RemobObjects DataAbstract after looking at it over the last six months. Its not a bad product. Today I am writing a little utility that has to work with Paradox. I could choose to use the

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Accounting Package Backdating On Terminal Server

I have a client for whom I look after with a customised account package had me move there system to a terminal server.  Everything works great.  I had minor issues like printer setups i.e.  Crystal reports doesn’t print courier new

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