Analysis & Design

Before start writing a line of code, the first thing we do is talk, see, observe and talk some more. We may drink a little of your coffee as well! The best, well written software in the world is the worst software in the world if it doesn't meet your needs.

We will talk about you may have, your loves and hates about what you have and about what your want. We will observe your processes to ensure we understand your business and your needs.


We do our best to follow software development best practices using modern development tools. As we work through the development process, we work with you to ensure that the project is kept on track.

Testing, Training & Implementation

During the development process, we ensure quality software through internal testing and work with you regarding on site testing. We will train you and your staff to effectively use your new software.We will install your software and hold your hand through the "going live" process and "settling in" phase.

Often the best approach is multi staged with the different phases of analysis, design, development, testing, training and implementation occurring at each stage.